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Q:  What aspect of boating is most important? 
A:  SAFETY!    Like Warren Buffett’s advice on investing, the “First Rule of boating is SAFETY!  And “Buffett’s Second Rule” is applies: “NEVER FORGET RULE 1”
In other words, SAFETY must be “First, Last and Always!”

Q:  How can I get the most enjoyment from my boat?
A:  Use it frequently and keep it in top condition.  Timely and cost effective maintenance is the key.  We can help with suggestions, parts and services.

Q:  How can I live with a tight budget?
A:  Correct small problems before they become large and expensive.  Recall the advertisement:  “Pay me now or pay me later.”  PS:  Often even more when later.  


Q:  What is the key to avoiding engine problems?
A:  Timely performance of routine preventative maintenance.  Our Spring Commissioning services will keep your engine happy and you will avoid nasty surprises.

Q:  Why is engine and shaft alignment important?
A:  Engine and shaft alignment are vital to avoid the unpleasant vibration that will lead to damages.  We can check, and restore if necessary, the entire propulsion system alignment.

Q:  Why does my boat vibrate?
A:  Major causes are engine misalignment, failing engine mounts and damaged propeller or shaft.

Q:  Will vibration in the drive train lead to other damages?
A:  Vibration will quickly damage your “Power Train.”  This includes the transmission, propeller shaft, bearings and even the engine mounts.


Q:  What are the benefits of proper winterization?
A:  Most urgent in the Chesapeake Bay area is prevention of water freezing damage.  This includes the engine, all water systems and certain other equipment.  Changing oil, filters, adding fuel preservative and battery servicing are also important.  More items are available on our Winterization Work Order.

Q:  Does winter dry storage make a difference?
A:  YES!  Value and enjoyment of all boats, large or small, will benefit from proper Dry Storage during periods on non-use.  

Q:  How can I keep my boat’s finish as good as new? 
A:  Clean frequently and use only highest quality, UV screening, “Wax Substitute.”  We can provide a professional “Detailing” or even refinish dull, damaged surfaces. Read more about detailing on our Repairs and Services page.


Q:  Why is “Good House Keeping” important?
A:  Boats never have as much space as a house.  Everything must have a place and be properly stowed when not in use.  It also makes your boat more attractive to guests.

Q:  What causes odors and molds?
A:  High humidity and lax sanitation encourages both. 

Q:  How can I mitigate odors and molds? 
A:  Generous use of sanitizing cleaners and adequate ventilation are important.

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