Packless Sealing Sytem...Now at Casa Rio
The addition of a dripless packing seal is a on your boat is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make on your boat.  

Some advantages of a dripless shaft seal

  • Dripless Operation — Eliminates seawater in the bilge reducing bilge smells and dampness
  • Decreases Maintenance — No more adjusting or replacing packing
  • Reduces Your Costs — Eliminates shaft wear and minimizes corrosion
  • Increases Safety-- Eliminates problems if a bilge pump fails and helps to minimize gear malfunction due to shorting or corrosion.

The Packless Sealing System shaft is a dependable dripless stuffing box and packing gland replacement is an easy upgrade for both sailboat and power boat drivetrains. We think it is an especially important improvement if location or conditions make access difficult.   

While installing the PSS is fairly straightforward, the PSS does have some critical sizing, safety, and installation requirements that Casa Rio Marina Service would be happy to help you with.  We are a great resource for Packless Dripless seal systems in the Annapolis area.  We've completed many installations and we know how to properly install and test the PSS.  Our customers have been very happy with results.  Contact  us!

Here how it works, the PSS uses a self-aligning carbon-graphite stator to ensure a 100% watertight seal with proven reliability.   There are other similar looking packless seals out there, but we carry and install the PYI Packless Shaft Seal because it is well engineered and constructed.

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Read the PSS Brochure

The PSS Shaft Seal is a well designed product that is made with superior materials.  This brochure will help you learn more about its its operation, components, its installation and how it works. 

Did you know that the grade of carbon used will withstand an operating temperature of more than 500 degree Fahrenheit and that commercial vessels have recorded over 40,000 hours of operations with the same original components?...more

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See a Close Up of PSS Components

This allows you to see the components--including the bellow, graphite flange, stainless steel rotor, Nitirle O-Rings, and nylon barb fitting...more



 Packless Dripless Shaft Seals--Now you have a source in the Annapolis area!

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