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This site is designed to help the customers and potential customers of Casa Rio Marina to better understand the services and products available to them. 

The information on these pages is intended as a guide only. While we believe that information on these pages is helpful, you need to regard your equipment manufacturer and your marine service professional as the final authority in making decisions about your marine equipment or marina services.   Specifications contained on this web site are based on manufacturers' information and we make no claims regarding the validity of their information.

Your use of the information provided on our site and to links provided by our site is at your own risk.  Neither Casa Rio Marina, its employees, agents, nor third party providers make any claims regarding the accuracy of information provided on their site.  The information provided by this site is on an "as is: basis without warranties of any kind either express or implied.

We also offer links to other sites and content from other sites which may be of interest to the user.  We make no claims regarding the content of these sites.

When working with boats and ANY system aboard a boat, you should regard safety and operating precautions as your highest priority.  While information on this site is designed to be helpful and informative, it is not intended to be a substitute for other material—including but not limited to manuals, instructions or other product information.  You should also not consider the content of this web-site or the content of links it provides to other sites and their content to be a substitute for services or advice from expert, experienced marine contractors, marine surveyors, or other professionals or experts.

Regarding any AIS information presented on our site, please note that vessel positions may be up to one hour old or incomplete.  Data is provided for informational reason only and its display on the Casa Rio Marina site is not intended to be used as a tool for safety of navigation.   Proper collision avoidance relies on observations, awareness, judgment, radio contact, observance of the rules of the road, proper signaling and lighting and when available, radar.

Weather information is provided for convenience only.  Casa Rio hopes that the information is helpful but makes no claims regarding these reports or forecasts and urges you to obtain information from a variety of sources before making decisions based on weather.

We advise you not to submit credit card or other private information via email because it is not considered to be a secured form of data transmission.    Such information should be faxed, mailed, or phoned into Casa Rio Marina.

Always Remember                  

    • Operate and work on your boat safely and legally
    • Consult written instructions when installing or servicing equipment
    • Enlist the advice or services of a qualified professional or expert when   you need assistance or information.
    • Obtain information regarding weather and conditions from a reliable source before making decions based on these conditions.

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